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We Train to Build Muscle and Alter Our Hormonal Reactions to Food, NOT to Burn Calories.




We are not fat because we eat too much, we eat too much because we are fat. There are various hormonal processes in the body that regulate appetite and metabolism.  The hormones must first be addressed. This is the reason 85% of diets result in greater weight gain.
Hormones such as insulin, cortisol, ghrelin and leptin and estrogen work together to with many others to make your fat metabolically active. Sometimes reducing calorie intake can have a positive effect on these hormones. At least temporarily. However, usually it backfires.
By strength training, we increase the amount of myofibrils within a muscle system. More myofibrils mean insulin receptor sites in the body. This makes you more insulin sensitive. Remember, insulin is the storage hormone. Being sensitive to insulin is good. It means you need less to get the same job done. Less insulin, less fat storage.
Training boosts testosterone levels which helps to reduce cortisol levels. Reducing stress is vital to creating an anabolic environment.

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