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Reciprocal Innervations. Mobile personal trainers in Vancouver.




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Mobile Fitness and Post Injury Rehabilitation:

Optimal Performance Without Limits.

Holistic Health

No limits at any age. What does that mean?

We offer the most advanced, holistic health approach to your physical training. Treating postural, joint and muscular imbalance and past injury for optimal sport performance, careful attention is given to core muscles, spinal stability and quality strength and conditioning using the most scientific approach for your improvement.

We start with a Trigenics(tm) musculoskeletal evaluation. Then we perform a submaximal or graded exercise test for your heart. The goal of our assessment is to discover your bodies specific needs. You then get a detailed, personalized program designed to treat those special biological needs. This will bring you closer to your fitness goals in less time.

No matter what your age is and no matter what your fitness level is , we make you better. We train everyone from competitive athletes, people with special needs and everyone in between.

What you will not be with us: A poor training victim at a gym, struggling to get through a set on a machine bicep curl while a bored and listless trainer looks away to some distraction neglecting his client.

We are different.

What sets us apart is our ability to discover your biological individuality- We are experts in your physiology!


What could be easier?


Imagine the convenience of having one of our health experts come directly to you door!
This is what mobile fitness means for you: It is the convenience of the most effective to-your-door fitness and post injury rehabilitation.
Our experts employ the best protocols the fitness world has to offer. Great workouts and nutrition plans specific to YOU are what we offer. This is how we bring you the best results in the least amount of time!

Convenience means no more lining up for cardio equipment at the gym, no more pushy sales people, no more expensive "drop-in" charges. Just the most advanced and scientifically proven approach to your personal fitness in the convenience of your home gym, office, local park or condominium complexes facilities.

No-nonsense strength and conditioning, sport nutrition, post injury rehabilitation for everyone at any age or ability, brought right to you!



Ryan Booth has been a certified personal trainer in Canada for over 14 years. An athlete and an actor, Ryan knows what it takes to get your body ready for what ever demands you place on it. A student of physiology, Ryan can assess your specific needs and bring you results oriented fitness, nutrition and post injury rehab to your door!



The APO E Gene Diet


“It is extremely important to eat the right balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins for your specific Apo E genotype because it influences the possibility of developing certain diseases, as well as their severity.”  

                                                         Dr. Seema Kanwal



It has been called the Perfect Diet.

The APO E Gene Diet is a breakthrough in improving cholesterol levels, weight, heart disease and alzheimer’s disease by identifying a persons genetic ability to process carbohydrate, fat and protein.

There are 6 possible combination of APO E genes, passed down to you (one from your mother, one from your father). Each APO E genotype processes food differently. What makes this nutrition and exercise plan such a break through, is that it is specifically designed for you and your particular APO E gene expression.

What is the APO E gene?  


The APO E gene plays a key role in our body’s internal environment and influences the development of chronic disease, especially heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Two genes passed down from mother and father combine to make your unique gene expression. It is this genetic expression that determines what proportion of fat, carbohydrate and protein you should eat and how you should train to reduce fat, minimize risk of cardiac event, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many more diseases.


The APO E Gene Diet is based on clinical research in sports medicine and nutritional science. It takes into account not only the body but the mind and spirit as well.

How am I tested for My APO E gene expression?

A simple cotton swab of your cheek is taken and sent to a lab for analysis. Then you will consult with a board certified medical doctor to discuss your results, what they mean, and how to proceed concerning diet and exercise. Trainers at Reciprocal Innervations are then able to create a detailed exercise prescription specifically tailored to you!

Finally! Nutrition and training based in the latest real science, that is unique to you. This is a game changer in the world of health!

Contact us today for more information and for referral to the only doctor monitored testing center here in Vancouver.